Most Small Business owners, are multi-taskers by force; they’re often solely responsible for operations, financial administration, general administration, business development and marketing, in addition to delivering on products or services for their clients.

If you’re reading this page, chances are you’re one of the over-stretched, trying to cram 15 hours of productivity into an 8 hour working day.  You’re probably tired of spending excessive amounts of time on tasks you hate doing – and possibly, aren’t very good at.

People who are excellent at service delivery in their chosen field, aren’t particularly fond of the necessary but dull business tasks required to keep their business ticking over, such as capturing data, processing invoices or managing their diary.  They don’t want to spend all day buried in email, creating artwork, scheduling social media posts, or trying to pin-down prospective clients to schedule meetings.

Business Owners generally start their business(es) fuelled by great ideas and a passion to deliver.  The reality is, the bright light of passion becomes dimmed very quickly when business processes come into play.

Enter Possibility Ambassador, Sidel Stewart of Onit! Communications.

Sidel makes it possible 
for Business Owners like you, to focus ON your business, whilst she works IN it by providing sustainable, organised, effective, value-added support, to Service-based, Small-Medium sized Businesses (SMBs), Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs (Sole Traders/Individuals).

Imagine a world where your business continually functions, whether you’re working, or not!

If you’d prefer to focus on the revenue-generating work that you enjoy, whilst secure in the knowledge that the nuts and bolts of your business processes are in order and working – whether you are or not – you’re in the right place! 

Specialising in business development, process and workflow automation, Sidel creates systems which automate as much of your business administration as possible.  From data capture, forms and invoicing, to newsletters, social media posts and online systems, she makes it possible for your business to function whilst you focus on your clients and leads. 

Areas of Support:

– Small Business Development Consultancy
– BPA & Workflow Automation
– Small Business & Lifestyle Management (Secretarial, Clerical and Financial Administration)
– Project Coordination & Management

For an idea of the types of tasks you can off-load, here’s an A-Z list of Services that Onit! Communications offers.  Services can be engaged on a Project or Retainer basis, with ad-hoc options starting at £175.00 GBP per month.

To schedule a complimentary, non-obligatory consultation, click here – simply select a date and time to suit your schedule and Sidel will give you a call.  The consultation will cover your business, your needs, and how you can get some balance back into your life, ultimately freeing up some of your valuable time.  Alternatively, get in touch by phone, or send an email via the contact form.

If you don’t personally have a need for support at the moment, but know someone else who may benefit, please feel free to make a referral.  Onit! Comms offers a £25 John Lewis gift-card as a thank you.*
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