Welcome to Onit! Communications, provider of organised, effective, value-added support, to Service-based Small-Medium Sized Businesses (SMB’s), Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs (Sole Traders/Individuals).

If you’re bogged down with admin, frustrated by the sheer volume of email, fluttering around social media with no idea of what or when to post, spending hours chasing unpaid invoices and struggling to keep on top of contact with prospects, clients, and customers, you probably need a hand to get your business under control.

If you’d prefer to focus on the revenue-generating work that you enjoy, and go home at the end of the day with a sense of fulfilment – instead of worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list, you’re in the right place!

Areas of Support:
– Business & Lifestyle Management
– Digital and Email Marketing 
– Project Management
– Secretarial, Clerical and Financial Administration
– Small Business Development Consultancy
– Social Media Co-ordination

– Workflow Automation

With services and pricing to suit various needs and budgets (from £35.00 GBP), I make it possible for Business Owners like you, to focus on working ON your business.  Meanwhile, I work IN your business, undertaking tasks by the project, on a VIP monthly retainer or, for as few as 5 ad-hoc hours at a time.

For an idea of the types of tasks you can offload, here’s an A-Z list of Services that Onit! Communications offers.

Get in touch by phone, or email via this contact form.  Alternatively, request a complimentary, non-obligatory consultancy call here – simply select a date and time to suit your schedule and I’ll give you a call.  We’ll discuss your business, your needs, and how I can potentially help you put the balance back into your life, ultimately freeing up some of your valuable time.

If you don’t personally have a need for my services at the moment, but know someone else who may benefit, please feel free to make a referral.  I offer a £25 John Lewis gift-card as a thank you.*

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Sidel Stewart
Possibility Ambassador, Business & Lifestyle Manager
Onit! Communications

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